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Support Lotus Domino on Ubuntu Server

: Domino Server / Platforms
: linux, domino, support
David Vasta2524 - 14 2007 / (0)

I am sure that I am not the only one who is in love with the technology and quickness of Ubuntu Server. It's lite and powerful. DB2 is supported on Ubuntu Server and I feel like Lotus should give Ubuntu Server a chance and support it. As a very stable ...


64 bit memory support for Linux x64 distros

: Domino Server / Platforms
: domino, linux
Darren Duke3521 - 02 2009 / (0)
I think the title says it all. While I can fudge the install and run Domino on Liux x64, I'd love to be able to get full x64 support and the "unlimited" RAM usage that was added to Windows and AIX 64 bit versions of Domino,

Submit more results to NotesBench

: Domino Server / Platforms
: notesbench, performance, workload
Nick Radov1404 - 30 2008 / (1)
I would like to see IBM pushing harder to have more performance test runs submitted to NotesBench. That used to be a useful resource for comparing Domino performance between multiple hardware and OS platforms, but now it seems to be defunct. There has been only one result posted in ...

Facility to bind java objects to a Notes Database

: Domino Server / Platforms
: java, framework
Axel Janssen6869 - 17 2007 / (0)
Using high quality java open source projects for specific tasks has a potential to make Notes development a lot easier. At least this is my experience.
Now a lot of those java os frameworks use some costly to create long live service objects. To mention a few examples: HibernateSessionFactory, or ...

Improve Replication & Clustering Reliability

: Domino Server / Platforms
: replication
Mark Demicoli10736 - 10 2012 / (0)
Replication & Clustered replication are fantastic and rather unique technologies which appear to be about 95% there.
What is still lacking is consistency. Databases 'get out of sync'.  The semi-official remedy is to  *reactively * perform manual tasks such as clearing replication history and re-creating replicas.  These measures are uncharacteristic of ...

Multi core control for licencing

: Domino Server / Platforms
: domino licencing
Jacques Page617 - 01 2010 / (0)
Domino is still licenced on core value...
For quite some times now, it is almost impossible to get a 1 cpu machine with one core only.  Everything comes in multiple of everything.
It would be nice to have the ability to install a Domino server and tell it ...

Support Ubuntu (Debian) Linux distro for Server

: Domino Server / Platforms
: domino, server, linux, debian, support, platform
Bastian Wieczorek8390 - 28 2007 / (0)
Some of my Lotus Domino 8 Servers and a 7.0.2 Webserver are running very well on Ubuntu (Debian) Linux. It is a very stable Operation System and it saves me from license costs.
BUT IBM doesn´t Support this OS. Only cost-intensive platforms are supported.

64-bit Domino on Solaris

: Domino Server / Platforms
: solaris, domino
Paul Hudson1035 - 03 2010 / (0)
Despite our Solaris servers having massive amounts of memory, Domino on Solaris is unable to address the majority of memory due to it still being a 32bit application. This restricts the amount of shared memory available to the HTTP task. So if there's code that is causing a memory leak ...

Support Lotus Domino on Solaris X86

: Domino Server / Platforms
: solaris, x86
Marie Scott5130 - 25 2008 / (0)
Add support for Lotus Domino Server on Solaris on X86 hardware. 

Support for Domino for MacOSX Server

: Domino Server / Platforms
: domino, macosx, support
David Vasta2524 - 14 2007 / (0)
While Lotus contenues to tolerate slow and lacking Windows Server cycles, Apple contenues to put out a new and faster version of MacOSX Server every 14 - 18 months.
I would like to see Lotus Support fully and timley the MacOSX platform for Domino. It's stable, quick and mostly ...


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