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  Option to make integrated Sametime Client Notes Location aware?

IdeaSpace: Sametime / IM/Chat Client
Tags: sametime location
Author: Stefan Meyer on 14 Jan 2016
Status: Open
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Not sure if there already is a solution for this:
When I choose "Offline" as Notes location, I'd like to prevent Sametime from searching for servers. "Offline" - in my cases - means there is no network in reach.
Unfortunately Sametime does not care and searches for servers, It blocks my Notes client for a (short) while and gives a modal dialog I have to click away.
What about:
a) a checkbox per location: "Prevent Sametime from searching for servers"
b) let Sametime run in a separate thread which does not block the whole Notes client
and / or
c) replace the modal dialog ("could not attach to...") by an icon or coloured message string within the Sametime window?
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