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  Design element support in XPages format

IdeaSpace: Domino Designer
Tags: xpages
Author: Mike Woolsey on 28 Feb 2015
Status: Open
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In development there is a major advantage to being able to manage design elements separately. Tasks are easier to allocate & understand. The impact of one element is limited as it applies to the rest if the application.
Yeah, there are great advantages to XPages serving multiple functions. It lets us dispense with framesets in the wrong situations.
But Notes' development cycle is at least 5x, and in my experience sometimes has been 60x, as fast as XPage development. I've handed apps to seasoned developers, but new to Notes, who've remarked how quick development is in Notes.
I get heartburn just building basic controls & xpages that have to mimic forms. Why don't we have something thatll interpret forms, give us a basic XPage design, file it as I dunno an XForm, and reuse our hard-thought designs onWeb? Same for views. The openntf view control almost gets me there, too. With some really complicated Javascript, which I'd never want to maintain. And who wants something they can't maintain?
Weve tried to patch this discrepancy, yes. But it doesnt fit smoothly with the Designer environment, so it still takes lots of time.
I'd like to see it integrated again. The unparallelled speed of development needs to be restored.
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