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  New Workspace

Linked Idea: Replace Unread marks with attention indicators
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Tags: Workspace
Author: Thomas Leriche on 07 Apr 2009
Status: Open
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I'm really tired of the 1980's design of the workspace.  It has served Notes users well for over 20 years, but the time has come for a major and I mean MAJOR overhaul.  I look at the slick interfaces for iPhones, Blackberry, even Windows and wonder why my Notes workspace hasn't evolved with the times.  I mean the workspace background can't be changed, the database icons are still 32 pixels with 16 colors, there are no themes or skins to choose from, etc...etc...
IBM has been trying to forget about the workspace for many years now.  Instead they should embrace the concept and revolutionize the Notes workspace.  Make it a key selling feature of the client, instead of the ugly step-child.  Come on IBM it's almost 2010 !!
That's my wish for Notes 9.
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