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  @IsRichTextEmpty and LotusScript/Java equivalents

IdeaSpace: Domino Designer
Tags: richtext @formula lotusscript java
Author: Ben Langhinrichs on 05 Dec 2007
Status: Open
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Even having a rough way to do this in Midas, I would really like to see a simple @formula (and matching LotusScript) method for determining if there was anything in the rich text.  Even better would be if it took an argument that specified whether whitespace was included, so you could have
@If (@IsRichTextEmpty("Body"); ...)
@If (@IsRichTextEmpty("Body"; [IgnoreWhitespace] ); ...)
The method should be smart enough to realize that just because a paragraph or color is added, the rich text is still functionally blank, and if the IgnoreWhitespace were added, even newlines and spaces would be ignored.
This is requested frequently on the forums for validation formulas as well as other uses.
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