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05 Jun 2014Jeremiah Benjamin804Message Recall available to Administrators (SPR # Included)

If it's a weekend and only IT admins are available to do the recall, I suppose admins could add themselves as delegates, recall the message, and then remove themselves if that was the only way IBM would implement it.

Seems clumsy, but I suppose as long as it's possible that would work, yes. We did add our weight to that existing SPR as well! :-)
04 Jun 2014David Hablewitz15116Message Recall available to Administrators (SPR # Included)

Simply making it possible for delegates to recall messages would be enough, yes? Currently only the owner of the mail file can recall a message.
16 Oct 2013Bill Malchisky12192Updall task: Add option to Delete View Indexes

Setting the DB to failover to a clustermate makes it unavailable to users and available for administrative maintenance. I understand the resource intensive aspects of compact, but only see a potential problem on a very large DB and only if it is not clustered.

How many NSF files are you looking to do during business hours? Mail or application databases?
02 Oct 2013Mark Demicoli10736Updall task: Add option to Delete View Indexes

You can't tell it to just discard view indexes which is very quick. A copy-style compact to remove view indexes is _massively_ resources intensive and will fail unless the database is not in use. Practically impossible on a live system..
02 Oct 2013Bill Malchisky12192Updall task: Add option to Delete View Indexes

Why not use compact?

From the Domino Admin Help Guide

Options -D
"Discards built view indexes. Use this option to compact databases that are not in active use, for example, just before you store databases on tape. Additional system time and resources should be planned to rebuild indexes after restore of the databases. Does copy-style compacting."

{ Link }
19 Oct 2012Alexey Katyushyn3674Extend the 'User detail' info of a database

I vote for the need of logging of documents removal:
1. In User Activity in the properties of the database
2. In Session Activity in log.nsf

It would be nice to have the option, indicating that UNID of documents shold be logged. Not only for the removal, but also to read/modify.
Also would be nice to have the option, indicating what events shold be logged, i.e. DbOpen/Db Close, ViewOpen/ViewClose, etc.

It would be possible to introduce a logging section for server or configuration document. Which combines elements of existing logging and add new ones. Concept should be thought out. For example comes from Extracomm SecurTrac.
03 Sep 2012Vlad Sh10679Extend the 'User detail' info of a database

If implement what you ask for, it will be impossible to recover the document.
I propose a solution that will permanently delete the document (later), and recover it.

> How long do you keep them?
This is more of an organizational issue.
I would prefer to focus not on the storage time, but to limit of removal of documents that may be important (eg registered, which were assigned a status, etc.).
So removed will only unimportant documents (mostly drafts), and the others are not relevant at the moment, but necessary for the history to move to the archive.
All these and other constraints (eg delete documents give only the author of the document or administrators) can be programmed in the event database QueryDocumentDelete. This is the only right and complete solution.
03 Sep 2012Mathieu Pape8090Extend the 'User detail' info of a database

Hi Vlad,

thank you for your response. This means you need in-house designer skills which is not the case in smaller environments. And also means that you need to manage those undeleted documents. How long do you keep them? With all the risks that they may get archived by external tools, etc. ...
03 Sep 2012Vlad Sh10679Extend the 'User detail' info of a database

Put handler QueryDocumentDelete and not remove documents from the database, and for example, change Form on "DeleteDocument", that is "move" documents to own recycle bin. And access to recycle bin, restrict administrators.
22 Aug 2012Bill Malchisky12192Server Console: Different colour for console commands / responses

I like the concept, but it is a nice to have, rather than a need to have. Does Console Properties now, not provide you with sufficient color option changes?
21 Aug 2012Mark Demicoli10736Server Console: Different colour for console commands / responses

hehe.. thanks Anders. I'll work on putting more 'kill' into my ideas :)
20 Jul 2012Anders ├…slund549Server Console: Different colour for console commands / responses

Good idea (but not a killer feature) and probably easy to implement by IBM.
01 Sep 2011Kenneth Axi2537Make Domino Server and client ignore [section]s in notes.ini

There are already now the possibility to add remarks in an INI-file that is ignored by the client and server; Just add a semikolon as a first character on the line and that line will be ignored during read.

Therefore, the need of [Section] ignore is not necessary - You could as simply add
and the line will be ignored...
So, No - You're not getting my vote.
04 Jul 2011Yuhsuke Murakami495Make all debug settings in notes.ini start with 'DEBUG_'

I like this idea and have voted.
By the way, I got a different opinion from customer that they don't want to apply notes.ini parameters which has "debug" letters to their production servers. (It's not a technical problem, though.)
So it may be also great to allow us to use alternative word than "debug".
23 Jun 2011Denny Russell315Allow agents executed using server command "tell amgr run" to be seen......

All, I've been working with IBM on this and there is currently an enhancement request submitted. It is SPR #JGIR73JSXW.

I've also blogged my findings and some details if you want to learn more about what exactly is missing...{ Link }
22 Jun 2011Ron Shue31Create MTBF for Linux and other server platforms

John, had compiled 5.8 for linux,solaris,Aix 32/64 and windows 32/64.
22 Jun 2011Thorsten Seidel805Make Domino Server and client ignore [section]s in notes.ini

I don't like the idea of many tools and users having acces to my servers notes.ini file.
Is there a reason why such a tool can't use it's own .ini or a profile document to store specific data ?
29 Apr 2011Ulrich Krause5701Lotus Forgot Series: Make MTBF an integral part of the server software (was in the Sandbox)

Make it available on OpenNTF.
06 Apr 2011Bill Malchisky12192Lotus Forgot Series: Make MTBF an integral part of the server software (was in the Sandbox)

I concur. This should be made available for all Domino flavors as an install option at the worst (checkbox during installation) or a server task with an admin client hook for easy setup and management, say on the server analysis page -- hotspot in the left pane with the other system files.
29 Mar 2011Bruce Currier9788Lotus Forgot Series: Make MTBF an integral part of the server software (was in the Sandbox)

And if the sandbox can't come back and the code can't become part of the install kit, at least maybe put stuff like this out on


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