Domino Server / Cluster 


Failover Without Requiring Me to Exit Database

:Domino Server / Other
: cluster, failover
Corey Davis2837 - 30 2007 / (7)
Fix clustering to automatically failover to cluster mates when inside a database.  Currently, if your server goes down while inside a database you get a "Server not responding" message and have to exit the database and then click the icon again in order to failover.  This confuses users who, no ...

Fixup/Compact should automatically mark clustered databases as Out Of Service

:Domino Server / Data Storage and Management
: fixup, compact, domino server, cluster, clustering
Philip Storry1467 - 10 2010 / (4)
When a server that is a member of a cluster performs consistency checks on a database, or compacts a database, it should automatically mark the database as Out of Service in the Cluster Database Directory for the duration of the operation.
(In the case of compact, it will only ...

Make the agent cluster aware

:Domino Server / Other
: agent, cluster
Odd ├…ge Skogheim822 - 28 2009 / (4)
For some applications it doesn't matter which server it runs on, as long as it runs.
In addition to selecting which server the agent is to run on, there should be an option to choose which cluster, perhaps with an primary server, or the administration server could be set as ...

Automatic database clustering

:Domino Server / Data Storage and Management
: clustering, cluster, automatic
M A401 - 13 2007 / (3)
Need: when I create a new db on a clustered server in automatic is replicated all over the other members of the cluster group and containing - in the ACL and with no admin intervention - the cluster group members as "Managers" of the db to avoid replica conflict/problem. To made this option ...

Allow Mail to be delivered locally in a Clustered environment

:Domino Server / Messaging router
: router, cluster, network, performance, fail over
Mat Newman205 - 05 2009 / (2)
Domino Mail Routing delivers a message to a users home server.  In the case of a clustered environment, this means that when Server A accepts mail for John Citizen, it Routes it to Server B (John's Home Server), but since Server A and Server B are cluster members, the message ...

Method for synchronizing /lotus/domino/data/domino/html amongst clustered servers - as a Domino task

:Domino Server / Web application server
: domino, html, cluster
Lawrence Micallef948 - 29 2009 / (0)
It would be great if there was a way to sync the Domino HTML folders amongst clustered servers with a Domino task/program.
Quite often you have small HTML files kicking around in this folder, like favicon, robots.txt, a bunch of quickr/sametime plugins, CABs and jars - and it can ...

Improve cluster analysis (greatly!)

:Domino Server / Admin Tools
: cluster analysis, cluster
Mathieu Pape8090 - 22 2011 / (0)
Maintaining a cluster is rather tedious. A cluster analysis gives you only very basic information and actions :
no document count comparison,
no creation of missing replicas,
no quota sync, 
information showing could be greatly improved (via xPages?)
other ideas ?

Cluster analysis : take admin4's "pending deletion requests" into account

:Domino Server / Admin Tools
: cluster
Mathieu Pape8090 - 29 2011 / (0)
When you perform a cluster analysis and you have other administrators having deleted mail boxes but not yet approved the deletion of the replicas, you will turn around as you will recreate the missing replicas shown in the analysis but that are actually supposed to be deleted permanently.
Could ...


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