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Add full gzip support to the Domino server

:Domino Server / Other
: gzip, http
Matt White13605 - 10 2007 (15)
It's bordering on criminal that in 2007 Domino still does not support gzip compression when sending data to web browsers. I know that iNotes supports it but why not any other nsfs? When you look at the performance improvements that Web Booster { Link } can offer ...

Lotus Traveler for Symbian, ...

:Domino Server / Other
: lotus, traveler
Bastian Wieczorek8390 - 28 2008 (3)
I would like to use the Lotus Traveler with a Nokia Phone (powered by Symbian)... So here we go ;-)

Easy way to push notes.ini Variables or Location Settings to Client

:Domino Server / Admin Tools
: desktop, notes_client, notes.ini, policy, location
Enio Basso860 - 04 2007 (2)
Today to set a variable in the Client notes.ini or a Location field, we have to do the steps describe in the following document
My sugestion is to create in Desktop Policy, a tab for notes.ini variables ...

Support Deny Access for IMAP

:Domino Server / Security
: imap, denyaccess, security
Jan Schulz4949 - 13 2008 (2)
<div>When you put someone into a DenyAcess Group (or directly into a &quot;Not Access Server&quot;), this will prevent Notes and web access, but not IMAP and probably POP3.</div>
<div>We have several Webuser only and they can't be locked from the system without deleting their web-password :-(</div>

New compact-task parameter to change attachment compression

:Domino Server / Data Storage and Management
: compact, attachments
Hynek Kobelka7940 - 03 2007 (0)
From version 6.0 there exists the database property "Use LZ1 compression for attachments" which can compress attachments better then the standart "Huffman" method. However this property is  by default not enabled and it also only  affects attachments which are created  after it has been enabled (or disabled). This means that ...


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