Way to synch HomeMail server with admin server on the mail file or admin server column in files view 
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: David Killingsworth4000 13 Feb 2008
: / Email
How many times have you setup a user on a particular mail server.  Their home server in their person document is correct, and then administration server setting in the database properties of their mail file is correct.
Next, thea move offices from Sao Paulo to Singapore.  You create a new replica on the Singapore server so that it's ready to go when they get to their new office in Singapore on Monday morning.
A couple of weeks later, you delete the replica copy of the database on the Sao Paulo server.
Guess what, the administration server in the mail file is still set to the Sao Paulo server, so adminp won't modify the names in the ACL.   And guess what else, you will probably forget to set it correctly, unless you have to look at the Advanced Tab of the ACL (unlikely or infrequent occurance).
Wouldn't it be great to be able to have a field in the person document to be able "CHECK" that was called something like Synch administration server with home server.
Additionally, it would be great to have a column for administration server in the files view of the Admin Client.  This way it would be easy to see which databases might be obviously set wrong.

1) Ninke Westra2116 (13 Feb 2008)
You do know there's the option in the admin client to move users to another server?

select the user and in the tools-person drop down, select 'Move to another server...'
The administration server will take care of creating a new replica on the new home server, pushing the change to the home server field in the location document of the client, set the new server as administration server etc.
2) David Killingsworth4000 (14 Feb 2008)
Yes, I'm aware of that, and in a perfect environment that's obviously the way to go.

I see some imperfections in the existing adminp method (Please correct me if I'm wrong, or not aware of functionality)

I'm dealing with an environment in which the Admin's have not been trained on how to use AdminP properly, so there's 3 years of just creating the new replica and then changing the person document manually at the time the person actually moved to the new location. If they remembered to delete the old database, then great. If not, more cleanup in the future.

I understand that this is definitely an issue of administrator training, but how do you go about cleaning it up?

In our case, an added level of training should be to modify the administration server at the same time they change the person document.

The other issue/question that I have with the adminP move home server method, when does it change the home server in the directory?

If we use the Sao Paulo to Singapore example, communications links to both sites might be pretty slow, and the database might be 2GB. So we'll initiate the new replica creation a week or two before the actually person moves to give replication enough time to create the replica.

If adminP changes the home server in the directory at the time the administration approves the mail file deletion on the old server, the user can continue to work in their old site with the proper home server set.

If adminp changes the home server in the directory at the time the request is made, then the user has the wrong home server set for a week or 2 before they arrive at their new location.

Perhaps, I should change this idea title to "Add administration server column to the files view in the administrator client" so that it would be easier to see where the administration server is without having to open the ACL of each database manually.

The other issue with the existing adminp method is that if you move a user's home mail server, the replication stub is created on the new server with adminp. Database initialization and replication do not occur unless at least one of the two servers have a connection document to each other, or unless the mail file also exists on the hub server.

Perhaps, that's another idea. AdminP warning when generating a new replica on a new server that replication cannot occur because there is no connection document between the source and destination server.

I hope this post is not sounding too much like a rant.



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