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Separate DominoBlog template from restrictions of Domino release cycle 
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: Stuart Mcintyre1283 05 Nov 2007
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Steve Castledine's blog template as shipped in Domino 7.0.2 and later is a useful template that can be used successfully for personal or team blogs (e.g. http://collaborationmatters.com, http://edbrill.com and many others) or for many other purposes where simple web content management is required, such as small corporate web sites.
However, since being shipped as part of 7.0.2 it is fair to say that development of the template (in terms of the versions available to the public) has practically ceased.  Whilst the general blogging community using tools such as Wordpress, Nucleus and Movable Type are gaining ever more features, richer media support, easier template management etc., DominoBlog seems to be stuck on a annual or biannual update schedule where the necessity of multilingual support etc. is greatly holding back a useful tool.
Therefore, can I suggest that a way is found for DominoBlog to be decoupled from the Domino release schedules whilst still retaining its supported by IBM status?

1) Yuhsuke Murakami440 (05 Nov 2007)
It might be good, but In that case, the process of template localization should also be considered.
2) Chris Miller206 (05 Nov 2007)
That was one of the downfalls of him being picked up by IBM. I don't know of any templates they let update outside of the timeframe unless there is a bug
3) Steve Castledine34 (05 Nov 2007)
You didn't think I would let it disappear quietly into IBM did ya? ;) More details soon but the next release (that might be called 8.01) see's a huge leap forward. New Notes client UI, Upgraded web client (Dojo Rich Text), New default theme and some other stuff as well. Plus lots of other goodies planned.
4) Mika Heinonen3556 (07 Nov 2007)
In general, the Lotus Templates are quite useless too. I've tried a few times to use a Discussion or Library template from Lotus, but they just don't work - either they try to load some Java applet, which doesn't work on any PC I have tried, or they have some hardcoded bitmaps, and are not primarily meant for Web use. On the Notes side they seem to work fine though. For web applications it seems the easiest way is still to hit Ctrl-N in your Notes Client and add some Forms and Views in Designer. But I guess the main source for standard Domino apps is OpenNTF.org then.
5) John Head1027 (24 Nov 2007)
Your asking IBM to change it's testing proceedure .. and that will not happen.
6) Carl Tyler5446 (25 Nov 2007)
I don't think that's your call is it John? IBM has made a few surprises in the last couple of years, I was told that Workplace getting canned wouldn't happen, but it did.
7) Bruce Lill6687 (08 Oct 2009)
Now your wish will happen. With IBM releasing the templates to OpenNTF, you'll be able to get updates outside of Domino releases.


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