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: Christopher Boote10606 12 Aug 2009
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The LotusSphere Europe conventions were excellent, and seemed muchj less sales focussed than the Orlando events
IBM needs to realise that the growing markets are not only in the US, and that the new EU member states are where the next revenue stream is coming from
A conference in Prague, where there are many fibne venues that can hold 5,000+ people would get a lot of attention from eastern Europe, and show them that IBM wants to operate in their countries

1) Matt White13605 (12 Aug 2009)
Even though I'm based in Europe, I'd still choose to go to the US for Lotusphere. The community congregates there every year, the content will be better (as all of the techies will go to Florida but not necessarily Europe) and the weather is (normally) better :-)
2) Paul Hudson1035 (12 Aug 2009)
I work in education and it's difficult justifying the expense of the conference. If a European conference is cheaper, (or if IBM offered educational discounts) then it makes it easier to justify the expense. But I suspect a European conference would be just as expensive.

I think the question should be - "make the conference fees cheaper"
3) Thomas Lang425 (13 Aug 2009)
I'm also based in Europe and I totaly agree with Matt.
4) Rob Goudvis8695 (13 Aug 2009)
Based in Europe too, I agree with Matt and Paul.
5) Adam Foster160 (14 Aug 2009)
We are struggling to be go to lotushpere in 2010, because of the lack of revenues.

A european one may be an alternative.
Cheaper conference may be a better solution.

The US one is much better though as I have been to both.
6) Theo Heselmans9557 (16 Aug 2009)
The 'old' European Lotusphere conferences where, also taking into account flight/hotel almost as expensive as the US ones. Content was more limited as well. I just advise everyone (customers/BPs) to go to Florida for the big event.
Go to ILUG or UKLUG for a smaller scale, cheaper event: good content, more intimate and great for socializing too.
7) Ulrich Krause5701 (17 Aug 2009)
Europe or US does not make any difference for me; my company definitely does not pay the costs.
8) Paul Davies13558 (18 Aug 2009)
check out Lotusphere Comes To You
{ Link }
9) stefan croimans10 (20 Aug 2009)
Either a Lotusphere in Europe should be held, this because the business and mentality is different then within the US.

Or the entrance fees to Lotusphere US should be less expensive, after all a lot of customer are not allowed to take planes over the Atlantic or spent a lot of money, although they would be happy to join this great conference!
10) Julian Woodward2032 (20 Aug 2009)
I disagree with the notion that there's a single "European mentality".

And I agree with Theo's comments: in recent years there have been plenty of low-cost events within Europe, ILUG and UKLUG particularly, as well as the LCTY events.

For a premium event, the Florida one is going to be unmatched.
11) Patrick Kwinten21314 (26 Aug 2009)
more TheView events instead in Europe
12) Keith Brooks6439 (31 Aug 2009)
While I was part of the Europe Lotusphere's and felt they were just as useful as orlando, they were also sometimes viewed as a repeat with no new information.
The LCTY events and other LUG events as Julian and others posted serve a similar and better purpose and meet most people's budgets.

That said I'd like Devcon to come back so lotusphere is not so full of developer sessions so one doesn't have to trade off what to attend and when. When triple booked for almost every hour of 3 days is not a good thing always. It used to be the sphere was about marketing, infrastructure and some developer but as ancillary products come out 4 days for everything and everyone is a tough one.
13) The Turtle1101 (01 Sep 2009)
Many moons ago, I asked more than a few Euro customers why they came to LS in Orlando and did NOT go to Nice, or Berlin, or wherever.

Basically, the comments were centered around "Orlando is the real show," and "it's cheaper for me to fly to Orlando than to Berlin."
14) Dirk Stelloh2732 (07 Sep 2009)
I saw both: LS Europe (Berlin) and LS Florida. If I have the choice I'll head for Florida! But economics are down and expences like this have to be justified.

But ask yourself (or better your boss): Will it be easier to go to Berlin ore Nice or where ever in Europe?

Asking my boss says: No! ;o)
15) Tim Clark206 (10 Aug 2010)
Everyone knows the dates for Orlando so far in advance these days, e.g. the Closing session, flight costs can not be the issue any more. If you book a year in advance then you will get an amazing deal on flights to Orlando.
Also hotels and apartments must be easy to book a year in advance. Get together with your friends and book something together.
The conference fees are what they are and I don't see IBM bringing them down any time soon, when it costs them more and more each year to put the conference on.
In summary, plan in advance to get the best fares and the best rates. Then justify to your boss/company that you are going to get 5 days training and networking with the best of the best for the bargain price of £/¥/$.


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