Message Recall available to Administrators (SPR # Included) 
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: Domino Server / Admin Tools
: message recall, journal, administration
: Jeremiah Benjamin804 04 Jun 2014
: / Email
I requested that IBM add a new Role in the ACL for "Message Recall" ability so Admins or other designated users can Recall Messages on a user's behalf.  (I'm not going to be dogmatic about the method...I merely suggested the ACL Role because it seems a natural way to assign it and retain security.)
SPR #VPRS9K65M7 - New Role In Database Acl For Message Recall APAR #LO80350
The purposes are to:
  • Recall mail if the user can't (e.g. user is on a mobile device, PC crashed, etc.)
  • Have the Recall Status messages captured in the Journal for discovery
  • Alert the Sending user and the Recalling user that the sent messages were recalled
  • Respect the Recall policy settings set by the Organization
  • Allow designated users the ability to Recall messages sent from department & other "generic" mail accounts
  • Allow Delegated users the ability to do Recall, e.g. executive assistants
In contrast, the only way to affect this right now is for Domino admins to selectively delete messages from users' mail databases, which feels intrusive and is very difficult to track.  In some European countries this method may also present legal challenges.
We also thought of requesting a Message Recall option be added to the Traveler app, but it's something most users would not use often, so if the time came to do it they would need training.  Not ideal for mobile.  Another idea was to have the user forward their Sent message to a special Recall database, but that sounds messy.

1) David Hablewitz15116 (04 Jun 2014)
Simply making it possible for delegates to recall messages would be enough, yes? Currently only the owner of the mail file can recall a message.
2) Jeremiah Benjamin804 (05 Jun 2014)
If it's a weekend and only IT admins are available to do the recall, I suppose admins could add themselves as delegates, recall the message, and then remove themselves if that was the only way IBM would implement it.

Seems clumsy, but I suppose as long as it's possible that would work, yes. We did add our weight to that existing SPR as well! :-)


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