Direct execution of server commands from program documents 
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: Domino Server / Admin Tools
: Richard Schwartz4594 16 Mar 2010
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Currently, program documents can only run programs.  They can't execute server commends, like 'route *' or 'tell router quit', etc.  Of course, they can run a program that executes a command, and while it's not actually documented anywhere that I can find, it is pretty well-known that you can run a server command from a program document by setting it up to run nserver.exe, with a command line of -C followed by (in quotes) the command you want to run.  But it is not as well-known as I thought it was!  I've recently run into several very experienced server admins who had no idea you could do this!
I believe that this can be fixed without any back-end changes.  Some simple changes in the Domino Directory template can take care of it.
The program document UI should simply provide a radio button so that the administrator can select "Run Program" or "Run Server Command".  If the adminsitrator chooses the latter, then the program name and command line fields are hidden, and a single field labeled "Server command" is exposed.  Behind the scenes, a query save script or translation formula will fill in the correct (platform-specific) program name and construct the correct command line by pre-pending the -C to the command the administrator specified.

1) Peter von Stöckel5721 (18 Mar 2010)
What would be better is to keep the current Program form, but disallow the creation of new documents from it. I'd propose to create a new Task form to replace it. With the Task document, you could specify any kind of task you want, including "route", "tell", "show" and "load".
2) Joseph Hoetzl5019 (18 Mar 2010)
Agree with the idea, and like Peter's implementation of it!
3) Bill Malchisky12192 (08 Jul 2010)
@0 Did you know that you can call a batch file that contains multiple commands and switches? Use them for example, when adding a user to Deny Access and need that change to propagate to all servers immediately.

Could be better documented though, I definitely concur.
4) Bill Malchisky12192 (08 Jul 2010)
Also, perhaps just put the syntax of the [nserver.exe -C "<command>"] construct below the field. "To run a server command from the program document, utilize this syntax: <x>". Might provide a simple solution and get the job done.


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