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Open Process to enhance Domino HTTP Engine in Release 9 
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: Axel Janssen5023 08 Jan 2008
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(I droped mentioning xhtml after reading Stan Rogers comment) . 
Bob Balaban has mentioned on his blog that there might be some ideas to modernize the Domino HTTP engine for a later release.
I think this is getting more and more important for different reasons:
- we now have more modern html standards. Unfortunatedly more than the 1 right standard. Xhtml has its problems. A standard that honours well formed xml rules seems important to me.
- html markup from the 90ties becomes more and more a burden in hindsight of quick adoption towards current and maybe even more future customer expectations.
- webservices/soa will gain in importance and exchanging html that also is well formed xml really makes REST webservices easier.
- future aditions like simple to use post-processing facilities for the result of the Domino HTTP engine would be much easier with more modern html.
- its easier to make the web site accessible for those folks with physical issues like blindness.
- from what I hear currently there seems to be efforts in some of the smaller albeit relatively affluent EU countries like Denmark and Austria to pass some serious legislation to require accesibility standards on web sites by law. And those small countries may become forerunners for EU legislation. With more modern html it is becomming much easier to adhere to those standards.
The requirements for a systematic modernizing of the markup for web frontends are very well known (for example see this presentation: www.parleys.com/display/PARLEYS/Refactoring+HTML). Inside the Domino community there is a lot of awareness for those issues.
So I think an open process with lots of early informations and some discussions about requirements with the community would make a lot of sense.
I think this to be a systemic modernization with some key decisions and a lot of important results. So an early and transparent flow of information might help IBM and users of Domino technology.

1) Stan Rogers1150 (08 Jan 2008)
You're kidding about XHTML, right? There are currently two working groups (WHATWG and a W3C WG) setting about to create a new HTML version to overcome the inadequacies of XHTML as a web page markup language. And XHTML is unnecessary for accessibility. And REST? What the heck does the markup on the page have to do with the CRUD method?

Not that I don't believe that Domino shouldn't be persuaded, somehow, to produce output that is more easily adaptable to the various usability and accessibility standards that various governments, NGOs and corporations may have us meet. Just don't think of shoe-horning my output into a language that is basically a broken data representation standard. HTML, whether 4.01 or the upcoming 5.0, is a far more suitable markup language for user pages -- XHTML was a bad idea, being neither fish nor fowl (but more of a foul fish).
2) Axel Janssen5023 (08 Jan 2008)
Stan. Really sincere thanks for your input.
Would you agree more, if xhtml were be replaced by "some-kind-of-html-standard-that-probably-honours-well-formed-xml-rules?
You are right XHTML might be the wrong target. Intentionally in the right direction, but - yes - that does not mean anything.
When consuming a REST Webservice its way easier to process a well formed, valid xml document than a tag soup which is neither well formed nor valid to any schema.

I will correct that.

3) Stan Rogers1150 (08 Jan 2008)
HTML 5.0 is _supposed_ to demand well-formedness, at least in the draft document. And believe me, I have no objection to well-formed documents, particularly as it relates to raw data -- there should probably be a "real" XML transaction format dedicated to CRUD as well, allowing for PUT as well as GET and POST. It's just the user-interactive elements (web pages) that would be better off as HTML, really -- although it would be difficult to represent some parts of the data as proper XML, even allowing for CDATA. I think this is the part where we developers all sigh and say "rich text SUCKS as data" (well, maybe not Ben). But I'm with you otherwise.
4) Craig Wiseman21821 (16 Jan 2008)
Hard to NOT promote an idea that includes "Improve...Domino...HTTP"
5) Kerr Rainey3860 (07 Feb 2008)
@3, Re HTML 5 well fromedness. Kind of depends what you mean. There are two varients of HTML 5, one that is also XML and one that isn't. Normally the XML variant is called XHTML 5.
6) Starrow Pan4716 (20 Feb 2008)
@4, agree completely!


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