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: Jerry Carter769 11 Dec 2007
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Domino is great as a RAD server... small, quickly built apps run great - with limited usage.  I know we don't want to compete with Websphere (*cough*) but it would be cool if Domino could be grid enabled to run on a distributed CPU network.  It would reduce the cost of ownership for a very powerful web application hosting platform that could handle a lot of load. 

1) Kerr Rainey4990 (12 Dec 2007)
Hurm? "Grid Enable" is a pretty broad brush, what exactly do you want to see? I can see lots of places where it would be very cool to have grid like features, but it could entail massive changes to the platform.
2) Thomas Bahn4937 (13 Dec 2007)
Please explain, what this Grid thingy is more/other than a Domino cluster?
3) Jerry Carter769 (16 Dec 2007)
Clustering is a dedicated server to dedicated server set up. You can only distribute load over a preset number of configured servers. You can add cluster nodes, but each is a new app server setup, config, etc.

Grid work sharing uses as many computers as there are on the net loaded with the worker bee software. The grid is basically just adding cpu and mem to one server by distributing the processing load of the single server.

The main idea here is that I can cheaply and easily grow my computational power without needing full on domino servers to handle the individual cluster nodes. There was a study I was privy to the results of that indicated companies use only about 20% of their purchased CPU power at max. This means some CPUs are almost idle and some are cranked up.

Having a grid enable option means I can load balance my domino server farm (each grid enabled) accross all the other CPUs in the farm. It's not just redundancy and planned load balancing, it's unplanned load balancing with a much higher cap.
4) Nick Radov1404 (30 Jan 2008)
How do you propose to deal with the storage issue? It would be great if there was a way to automatically create another Domino server instance and add it to a cluster to handle increasing load. But in order to be useful, each server instance needs its own replicas of all the databases being used. Those replicas take a long time to replicate and index.
Most current Domino applications are more I/O bound then CPU bound, so adding more CPUs to the grid typically wouldn't help much. The memory limitation issues should be addressed with the native 64-bit server coming in 8.0.1, so we won't have to set up a bunch of extra server instances any more just to work around 32-bit memory limitations.


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