Failover Without Requiring Me to Exit Database 
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: Corey Davis2837 30 Nov 2007
: / Email
Fix clustering to automatically failover to cluster mates when inside a database.  Currently, if your server goes down while inside a database you get a "Server not responding" message and have to exit the database and then click the icon again in order to failover.  This confuses users who, no matter how much you train them, forget to do this because it is not instinctive.  They assume -- and correctly IMHO -- that they should failover even while in their inbox or composing a message.
There is a current technote on this issue and it has been SPR'd, but I decided to post it here anyway to try to put some wieght behind it.

1) Chris Whisonant2475 (30 Nov 2007)
You may want to check out this technote: { Link }

Much work was done with cluster failover in the Notes 8.0 client and it even supposedly addresses the failover when composing a message, etc... I agree that it has needed some work.
2) Tom McArthur1246 (30 Nov 2007)
R8 already does that - it pops up a message saying something like "server X is not responding, so your document has been saved on server Y". No more confusion, no more closing and reopening the database.

Since this exists in R8, I am demoting this request.
3) Corey Davis2837 (30 Nov 2007)
I will have to test this more thoroughly in ND8 based on the comments. I will admit that my testing of cluster failover with N8 was a year ago on the Beta 1 build.

The technote referred to above applies to all clients from R5 - N8 and states:

"In order for you to fail over to the database on ServerB, you must first get out of the database on ServerA and re-click the icon for that database. It is at that point when you will fail over to the replica copy on ServerB. If you do not get out of the database on ServerA and attempt to do something in it, you will receive a "Server not Responding" error message."
4) Chris Whisonant2475 (03 Dec 2007)
That technote states that it was corrected in R8 as well. Though I can't vouch for it...
5) Bastian Wieczorek8390 (09 Dec 2007)
I know this technote: When does Domino cluster failover occur while in a database?

{ Link }

6) Bastian Wieczorek8390 (16 Feb 2008)
I just found this here:

{ Link }

The following scenarios have added failover functionality beginning with Notes 8.0.1:
-- when you open a view,
-- when you scroll a view, or
-- when you press F9 to refresh a view.

If a failover condition occurs in the above scenarios, Notes will close the current tab and prompt you to switch to a different replica of the database, allowing you to attempt the action again.

A notes.ini variable has been introduced to prevent the failover prompt when the server holding the current application is no longer responding, To suppress these prompts, use the client notes.ini variable:


Note: Suppressing the prompts does not prevent Notes from failing over.
7) Bastian Wieczorek8390 (09 Jun 2009)
some more infos for: HidePromptFailoverInc

{ Link }


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