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Calculate quota without considering whitespace 
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: quota, whitespace
: Steven Santamorena1051 06 Nov 2007
: / Email
Rather than having to compact mail files to get them under quota, it would be great if the calculation that determines quota could ignore any whitespace in the mail file.

1) Alan Lepofsky8315 (06 Nov 2007)
Did you know that if you use the Hold and Retry method of Quota enforcement, you can tell the router to use the % used instead of the file size when determining if email should be delivered?
2) Henry Ferlauto3847 (06 Nov 2007)
@Alan - Wouldn't it be great if there was a website solely dedicated to disseminating tips and tricks with Lotus Notes? :)
3) Bruce Elgort8320 (06 Nov 2007)

There's always a wise ass around these types of places.
4) Steven Santamorena1051 (06 Nov 2007)
That's a great tip Alan, however most users would have a fit if they could not receive mail because they were over quota. It would be great if this feature were extended to all methods of quota enforcement.
5) Charles Robinson5466 (06 Nov 2007)
@1 - You've never managed a server where someone tries to send a huge file to everyone in the company. :-)
6) Steven Santamorena1051 (06 Nov 2007)
I have. I control that via Maximum message size. I don't see the two issues as related.
7) Charles Robinson5466 (06 Nov 2007)
Steven - If Hold and Retry works for you, great. To me it's not a substitute for having all quota enforcement able to ignore whitespace. I had multiple mail.box's each hit 64GB because of Hold and Retry, so I don't use it anymore.
8) Mika Heinonen3556 (07 Nov 2007)
Domino's compact is quite bugged anyway, I've written a better compact command: xcompact Beta 1, and it's free. However it destroys unread marks, which I think are useless anyway: { Link }
9) Sandi Glazebrook858 (26 Nov 2007)
I think what you are looking for is already available.

From the Domino Administrator, click the Configuration tab, expand the Server section, and click "All Server Documents."

Click the Transactional Logging tab, and in the Quota enforcement field, select one of these methods and then click Save & Close:

Under: Method for enforcing quotas
Select: Check space used in file when adding a note

This will check the users mail file when a new message is received and use existing whitespace. This has helped us tremendously in that a user can clean up their file and then take advantage of new white space and allows us to do most of our compacting on the weekends.


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