Allow multiple values in the SMTP_Port field, enabling 25 and 587 
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: Domino Server / Messaging router
: David Harris326 06 Jan 2009
: / Email
The SMTP listener task is currently limited to listening on one port and one port only, which is set in the SMTP_Port field on the server document. This being a single value field, it is not possible to allow a server to listen on both 25 (for message transfer) and 587 (for message submission),

1) Gregg Eldred8655 (06 Jan 2009)
Please don't take offense to this, but what scenario would make this important?

Just wondering.
2) David Harris326 (07 Jan 2009)
Gregg, None taken.

I'm thinking for example of a home user who doesn't have a Notes client and whose employers won't allow http access to the server. So s/he has to use a POP or IMAP client. As ISPs begin to do the responsible thing, the home user won't be able to send over port 25, unless directly to the ISP's SMTP server, so s/he needs to use 587 to submit to the company server.
3) Keith Brooks6439 (07 Jan 2009)
Servers usually just need to receive SMTP and send usually under 25.
That said just yesterday I was notified by Comcast that I can no longer email out on 25 but MUST use 587.
Luckily the emailed me this change otherwise I would have been tearing Domino apart.
4) Oliver Regelmann6412 (08 Jan 2009)
Shouldn't message submission in this case be done via the SSL port? There you can configure another port.

BTW: WTF? An ISP shouldn't block any port unless I misbehaved.
5) David Harris326 (08 Jan 2009)
Oliver, not to get off topic, but yes ISPs should ban port 25 to domestic customers unless it's to their own SMTP relays. Since it's much better to enforce authentication on one port (for submission) while leaving another (25) open for server to server transfer, this should cut down on a large amount of spam produced by compromised domestic machines.
6) Keith Brooks6439 (08 Jan 2009)
That was what they told me too. We had some issues with emails spamming people because of our web host. and thus we pay the price to move to another port.
7) David Killingsworth4000 (09 Jan 2009)
I understand this idea, but I would be really surprised if there is not already a notes.ini setting to change the port on which SMTP listens on.

I run my own linux server using WHM/Cpanel. It's common for small web hosting companies to setup their SMTP servers to listen on Port 25 and port 26.

This is because many ISP's block traffic on port 25 other than to their own SMTP gateways to cut down on their customers from sending spam through their networks.

There are business cases to use your own SMTP server if you have one (not your ISP's) while connected to your ISP at home.

I do this all this time. I have Thunderbird configured to send mail to my own server on port 26.
8) David Harris326 (09 Jan 2009)
David, it's not in the notes.ini, it's the SMTP_Port field in the server doc, Ports..., Internet Ports..., Mail tab. We have used this in the past when we've had two different messaging servers on the same box, for example MIMESweeper and Domino - into MIMESweeper on 25 and out on 2025, which the Domino server is listening on.

However, the suggestion is to be able to add an additional port, not to be able to change it.


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