Provide a no cost Domino web server for small design/development companies 
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: Domino Server / Web application server
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: Bruce Lill10666 20 Jan 2010
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The designer client is now free, but to build web apps you still need a server and notes license. I would propose a 10 user server (maybe use the Lotus Foundation)  for little or no money if they build a web site. They would get a 6 mnth trial license and if they built a site, then it would be a permenant license.
It would allow small design/development firms to get into Domino development.
It could be a web only server.
It would allow individual developers to build Domino apps and have a server to host their work on.

1) Jake Ochs359 (20 Jan 2010)
wonder if the recently announced decision to enable Notes/Domino development in the cloud may partially solve this issue
2) Patrick Kwinten21314 (21 Jan 2010)
build a website with what?

there is no template from IBM available to build a small site
3) Bruce Lill10666 (21 Jan 2010)
Not from IBM but from openntf there is. Besides the idea is to get developers to build their own site. I just joined a MS push for PHP devs. Free visual studio pro, win 2008 web server and sql 2008 if you build a site in 6 months.

With foundation and a PHP interface to Domino (or rest) this could have been an IBM drive for mindset.
4) Peter Presnell28487 (24 Jan 2010)
At LS10 IBM announced plans to make a claud based server available for developers using Amazon.
5) Scott Cochrane1847 (17 Feb 2010)
@1 I'd agree with Peter, the cloud option is just for development purposes.

But totally agree with the idea - when you look at the community around PHP / MySQL and the applications that are developed on that platform, I think it is going to become a serious threat in the coming years to IBM and MS in the small business arena. It maybe isn't an immediate enough threat for IBM to be doing something about it now though.

Take for instance SugarCRM - a comprehensive CRM solution that you could deploy for as little as £15 / month on a virtual server if you know what you are doing.

Got my vote - although a pay per user model would be even better e.g. £2/month/user to access an application on the server and no limit on the number of users.
6) Bill Malchisky12192 (09 Jul 2010)
@0 Lotus Express pricing allows for aroudn $80+- per user and free servers. Does that meet your needs?
7) John Foldager1155 (26 Nov 2010)
The Domino server and per-user-licensing or Utility server is way too expensive for European SMBs. They can build the same functionalities using no-cost solutions so they do that instead of using Domino.

IBM should make it possible for free to register unlimited webusers on a Domino server. This would allow for non-Lotus developers to use the secure Domino platform for web-solutions for free and promote the XPages to a broader audience. Getting a Domino server into a non-Lotus shop could potentially move that shop away from other email-clients in advance for the Notes client.


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