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: Paul Davies12381 20 Dec 2007
: / Email
when viewing Files in Domino administrator, I wish that a refresh (F9) would leave you on the same folder you were viewing.
I also wish you could drag and drop files between folders (and even servers!). This would still have to go through Adminp of course, it would just be simpler
added: Copy as application link from the file entry would be very useful too (EDIT: it's available from the Edit menu - is this new to R8?)  It would still be useful in the context menu though!

1) Bruce Elgort8298 (20 Dec 2007)
Amen! This drives me nuts. Promoted.
2) Art Thomas20 (08 Feb 2008)
You can drag & drop databases to servers today (since R5 actually). This will prompt you to create new replicas of the selected databases. Also, like Windows Explorer, if you hold down the Ctrl key while doing it, you'll be prompted to Move the databases rather than create replicas.
I agree re: the other points and we'll look into them.
3) David Vasta2328 (29 Mar 2008)
No kidding. I am all for this one.
4) Harald Svab26 (14 Oct 2009)
And please change the way the file list is retrieved from the server.
We have 3500 mail user on one server -> 3500 file entries to retrieve.
Every user is a roaming user -> 3.500 + 3.500 * 3 roaming dbs (*5 for 8.5.x) -> 14.000

Every Server has a cluster mate also with 3500 roaming mail users -> 14.000*2 -> 28.000 DBs

Of course there are several system dbs, templates, teamrooms and other apps leading to over 30.000 files per server.

Can you imagine how long it takes for the admin client to finish retrieving and building up the whole date directory structure?

So, please just retrieve the directory-content without descents I'm watching in the file tab.
This would save me some time over the year.


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