server should be able to get mail from another server 
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: Thomas Lindberg122 01 Mar 2012
: / Email
I you have a server outside the firewall, and you only have a open port from inside and out, we can not get mail to work from outside. Because the server wants to deliver mail to the inside server, and it can not do that.
I would like to be able to specify (like with replication) witch server that handles the mail, when 2 domino server send mail to another.
So the outside server just puts its mail in a then do nothing. And another server check the, and if there is mail, it gets them, and sends them on

1) Kenneth Axi2537 (01 Mar 2012)
But.... Isn't the solution to this to open a Notes port in the firewall to let the servers talk to each other over the NRPC?
Seems extremely unnecessary to apply this logic to mailrouting when it is simply a configuration matter in the firewall.
2) Thomas Lindberg122 (01 Mar 2012)
Yes you can do that. But for many companies this is not a option. No ports are allowed open from outside. No problem for replication, because the inside server initializes it But mail wong work
3) Peter Neidhart1567 (03 Mar 2012)
If the mails are created on the external server, disable the router task on this server. Make the a replica of the one of the internal server. Mails created on the external server will be replicated to the internal server's and the internal router task will forward the mail. We used this at a customers installation for some years until they decommissioned their external server.
4) Thomas Lindberg122 (05 Mar 2012)
I am aware of all these tricks. And i Mean tricks. It is not logic that you have to disable the router when you want to fix something about mail.

I just want an option, like other options.

I can't be the only one in the world that have this problem, and don't want to do ninja tricks to get things to work
5) Chris Hudson462 (30 Mar 2012)
I don't understand this idea.

Domino works over port 1352... if you open that port to replicate ... or for "another server to check the mail box" then that also allows mail to flow between these servers.

So if you are happy for that port to be open for replication, then mail is also able flow and this idea becomes superflous.
6) Thomas Lindberg122 (31 Mar 2012)
I dont Think anybody understands. A domino server does not route mail id annoter serve contacts it for replication.
Try to read my post. There is only a port open one Way on 1352

The hole point og my idea is that the port is not open, so why does everybody suggest that its a easy thing to open the port. The port 1352 is not open from outside only inside.

So All of your suggestions does not work because a domino server delivers mail. I does not collectief. And that is What i want it to dó.

I properly have to explain it to the lab at next lotusphere


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