Leverage the Human experience of mail deletion patterns to fight spam  
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: Domino Server / Messaging router
: Spam, Mail, Router, Administration
: Jamie Colpean1010 23 Jan 2008
: / Email
Problem: There are 3rd party products or mail server rule that try to "guess" at what constitutes an unwanted inbound email. However, the ones that get through to the user have to be dealt with by the user.

The user must identify an email and choose what to do with it. Why not use this to our advantage?

THEN...in order for the Admin to do anything real about the spam....the user must be instructed to:
1. Open the email
2. click View Page Source (which now appears to be disabled in the 8.0 template?)
3. Fwd the message to the Admin
4. Admin send the headers to Spamcop to get them on the naughty list.

Develop a solution that learns from the actual user as to what might be unwanted email.
  1. Message arrives to the user mail file
  2. Message is opened and then deleted within x timeframe
  3. Content and/or header has similar to other messages that have arrived at other user mail files
  4. Perhaps a server task then monitors mail files. When deletions are found at a rapid rate within these "similar" emails...the mail administrator is made aware that a possible Spam message has been detected.
  5. The administrator then has the ability to take action. For instance:
    Confirm that the messages are indeed SPAM
  6. If messages that the server determines ARE similar are deleted AND the time between 1st read and deleted is say...less than 30 seconds...then BANG...we now have an established pattern to act on.

1) Peter von Stöckel5721 (24 Jan 2008)
I can's see this as a viable solution. It leaves SPAM-detection up to the user, and that is not a task suitable for a user. It also makes more work for the Admin, to go through and classify all the mail classed as SPAM by the user.

If you're going to measure the time between message open and message delete, you will be getting lots of false positives.
2) Nick Radov1404 (27 Jan 2008)
The time to delete a message isn't a useful way to determine spam. In my open-source SpamAssassin Integration product <{ Link } I provided an action agent for users to easily report spam. That way the Bayesian filter learns, and optionally a report can also be sent to SpamCop.


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