Make calendar invites more obvious in the inbox 
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: Dan King2709 16 Dec 2008
: / Email
This is largely down to the change of icons, but the invitations in your inbox are now harder to spot than before.
For the normal user this might not be an issue, but our PAs with multiple managers that they're managing their calendars and emails for are finding they're missing invites to meetings so their managers don't end up going to the meetings they should do.
So, either change the icons (again!) to make them a LOT more obvious, or maybe do something with the invitation entries in an inbox.
I'm probably going to customise our mail template to shade meeting invitations, but I shouldn't need to do this

1) Larry C569 (17 Dec 2008)
Could you be a bit more specific as to the version you are referring to when you say " harder to spot then ever before"? I think you mean Notes 8.0.x, but I'm not sure.

The reason this matters is the inbox icons change quite a bit in Notes in the 8.5 mail template, and invites are much more obvious.

I'm voting thumbs down for now. Might change it if you can explain more about what you want changed.
2) Dan King2709 (18 Dec 2008)
Sorry, I did mean 8.0.x yes, (specifically 8.0.2 but I guess there's no difference)

If the icons have changed in 8.5 maybe this idea is irrelevant. I did have a beta installed before, maybe I'll check it
3) Dan King2709 (18 Dec 2008)
Well, found my 8.5 Beta 2 PC and server, fired them up, looked at the meeting invites and they haven't changed at all since 8.0.2.

Larry, do you have a later build than beta 2 where the icons have changed?
4) Larry C569 (07 Jan 2009)
see item #7 in this page for a screenshot: { Link }

The big difference is standard, read emails no longer have an icon, so other message types (e.g, invites) stand out much better
5) Dan King2709 (21 Jan 2009)

You're right, I guess that will be better, although I still think the icons are a bit generic and same-y across the board

Anyway I have another problem with icons now in that the follow up icon replaces the replied to icon, I'm going to post it as a new idea



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