It's time for NOTES.INI to become a proper database 
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: The Turtle1101 01 Sep 2009
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 NOTES.INI should probably be promoted to being an NSF.  Doesn't have to be a complicated one, could be really simple:  each document has one, maybe two or three fields.  The main field would be plain text, another field would be an effective date field, another could be expiration field, and maybe a checkbox for whether the line is active or not.  Basically, one view, and that view represents the variables the server will obey.
This would make admin easier:  you could provide admins access to INI-like variables without having to give them shell or filesystem-level access to the physical machine.  This would also open up the option of keeping configuration on multiple servers identical through simple replication.  It'd also open up the possibility of having agents run to modify the server's behavior based on other triggers or conditions. Debugging params could also be turned on and off easier.

1) Rob Goudvis8695 (02 Sep 2009)
I am against this idea, because sometimes you need to be able to modify a line in notes.ini without a Notes Client. In fact you cannot start the Client and have to modify the ini-file just to get the Client up and running.
2) Gaby Spaszewski359 (03 Sep 2009)
I am also against this idea - the same reason as Mr. Goudvis already mentioned.
3) Peter Presnell28487 (13 Sep 2009)
Perhaps an Eclipse editor for the INI file to make it easier to organize and manage the INI, but leave it as a text file asp per @1 @2.
4) Paul Davies13558 (14 Sep 2009)
I agree that a plain text .ini file is perhaps quite outdated, and even a little dangerous for the unititiated, but making it an .nsf is a circular error!

I like Peter's idea
5) Bill Malchisky12192 (06 Jan 2010)
@0 Too many reasons why one would want to change it pre-launch. @3 has a decent compromise, imho.

Maybe put many to most of the tokens into an NSF file, then leave the critical stuff in the notes.ini file. Then there is the backwards compatibility issues with developers still using environment variables, rather than profile docs. Not a major reason to thwart the move, but at least should be considered.

Sorry Scott, but I need to demote this.


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