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: Jérôme Deniau491 31 Dec 2009
: / Email
Some admins I met would like to be able to configure the inbox maintenance task to put all removed mails from the inbox into a specific folder.
For many reasons, they do not want to allow users to manually go to the All documents view, nor develop and agent, nor allow users to create rules for that purpose.
Some end users are well educated and correctly manager their inbox documents, but many others are not.
So it could be a great idea to tell adminp to put all documents from inbox into a specific folder (like the junkmail) for the inbox maintenance. Now allowing admins to define their very own folder can be a plus.
One advantage I do see in this capability is to indicate to delegates where to go to manage a small bunch of documents on a regular basis, instead of telling them to go to All documents (long to open, too much info, etc...)

1) Peter Presnell28487 (31 Dec 2009)
Hi Jerome. Notes supports a special anti-folder view which will display all documents not contained in any folder.
2) Jérôme Deniau491 (04 Jan 2010)
Yes but that means you do have to modify the template....
3) Bill Malchisky12192 (04 Jan 2010)
@2 Although I can see some benefit to moving to another folder automatically, can you define further why you feel admins want to disallow users from entering the All Docs view -- besides the view index creation and initial performance hit?

The All Docs view is a competitive advantage over Outlook, et al, as it allows people to find easily, missorted or misdirected mail, determine its current location, and properly place it. This keeps users productive and new Notes converts happy.
4) Fred Janssen397 (06 Jan 2010)
Check out this article, a small modification will allow you to do just that:
{ Link }
5) Gregg Eldred8655 (08 Jan 2010)
Jérôme - just reading your idea, I was inclined to demote it. I have no issues with modifying the mail template, creating an agent to perform this task, or telling people to use the All Docs view. However, after reading the comments, I now have "no opinion."

As I am feeling a bit cynical, I don't think that IBM Lotus will incorporate your functionality in the standard mail template. You, by not wanting to modify the template (or create one specifically for your organization/customers with the modification in it) puts you in a tough position.

"No opinion" from me. :-)
6) Paul Davies13558 (11 Jan 2010)
I have added an Unfoldered view to our template for this purpose. It shoudl be in the template by default IMO
7) Patrick Polette219 (18 Jan 2010)
I did the same as Paul above and think also it should be default IMHO


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