Domino person record needs to contain the location (or replica ID) of the user's primary mail archive. 
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: Craig Wiseman24988 18 Dec 2009
: / Email
We need to think of a user's mail file and archive as connected facets of the user mail experience. Right now in most domino shops, the person record contains their mail file location, roaming profile database location, public key, sync'd password for sametime/inotes, even businesscard picture. One thing that's missing from the information stored in the person record is the location of the user's primary archive.  
I guess ideally, since the archive could be on the server and replicated locally it should have both a path & file name and/or the replica ID of the archive.
This would assist mail file modifications that are designed to make the mail & archive work together seamlessly.

1) Nathan Chandler1754 (24 Dec 2009)
Why shouldn't this information be gleaned from the applicable policy document?

There should be some improvements to archiving in general. eg.

{ Link }

Archiving should be cluster aware too. (you can archive to either the primary archive server or the backup archive server if you have one) . Or archive to a local replica of your archive if you're working locally....
2) Bill Malchisky12192 (30 Dec 2009)
@1 Well, many companies have a separate Domino server for their archives, as you know. Deciding whether to cluster that data is a difficult decision for some shops, due to the low usage frequency and expense in maintaining a separate massive data store, rather than just enabling transaction logging for quick restarts and backing-up the data post archive agent running.

Less concerned about the cluster issues here, and more about knowing easily whether a user is using a local archive, perhaps against company policy (yes, policies can help here, but not all shops use them properly). This would be a good fail-safe IMHO.
3) Ninke Westra2116 (30 Dec 2009)
Don't forget it is possible to have more than one archive.
Especially in environments where users are allowed to modify their own archiving settings (like local archiving).
4) Bill Malchisky12192 (30 Dec 2009)
@3 Correct...some environments do not lock-down these settings and can users could potentially have an archive for every day on the calendar (an exaggeration, but illustrates the risk).

To combat this matter, the person document should have a running list similar to the Notes client version history for each whenever a user changes their archive rules, the file name and location (if changed in any way), get pushed up to their person document for tracking.

Still might not catch everything, but would allow for decent data mining of archive usage.
5) Craig Wiseman24988 (05 Jan 2010)
I understand that we can have multiple archives, but as process, it seems logical to define a primary and store it's location in the same place as the rest of the "person" info. That way it's available without having to do complicated mail file parsing.


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