Allow multiple addresses for group and mail-in database docs like person docs do 
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: David Hablewitz15116 20 Feb 2008
: / Email
A person can receive mail for multiple addresses by putting them in the Username field.  Groups and mail-in databases do not have this ability, so another group or mail-in database must be created for each possible address.  That's a nightmare when the company changes their internet email domain.  (like going from to and you want it to work for both addresses.
Either make the internet address field for these documents accept multi-values (this is possible because mail is never sent out from them, only received) or add a field similar to the username field on person documents.

1) David Killingsworth4000 (22 Feb 2008)
I like your idea for other reasons.

However, what you are wanting to accomplish can be down without the idea you have submitted. Create a global domain document with your primary domain (new company domain). On the 3rd tab called conversions, there is a field called "Alternate Internet domain aliases:" enter the companies old domain there, or any other domain that you want to be valid.

Of course, you have to have MX records for all domains and they have to point to your inbound SMTP gateways.

person or group document only needs one of the domains in the Internet address field.

if your primary is, list and in the alternate domains field.

Then can receive mail if it is addressed to and
2) David Hablewitz15116 (23 Feb 2008)
Yep. (BTW, with person docs that only works for the primary address. Not for other addresses listed in the person's username field.) But that does not allow for multiple addresses to point to one group or mail-in database. For example, and and I have many needs for aliases in groups and mail-in databases. It would be much cleaner and easier to manage if they were handled similar to person docs for addressing.
3) Jan Schulz4949 (23 Feb 2008)
Doesn't Notes do this job for you? We have several groups and MailIn DBs, which habe more than one Notes Name but one internet Name (for example one MailIn DB: helpdesk<linfeed>DNSMaster<linefeed>admin... and Internet Name ist 'helpdesk@<>'). And we get mails for all of them via the domain configuration (which defines just <>). So the support case would just be to add all names to the notes name and be done...
4) JP Liggett868 (23 Feb 2008)
I agree with @3
5) Bastian Wieczorek8390 (29 Feb 2008)
in our config we disabled this feature which jan (3) speaks from... it opens our environment to a lot of spam... So we disabled the eMails to groupnames.

I would like also a option to add more then one eMail address to groups.


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