Implement Sender Policy Framework / Sender Rewriting Scheme 
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: Domino Server / Messaging router
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: Jan Schulz4949 08 Nov 2007
: / Email
Implement SPF or better Sender Rewriting Scheme for forwarded Mail.

In certain circumstances, enabled SPF will reject forwared Mails from your domain: If you have webuser which get their Mail forwarded to a external adress, a certain percentage of Mailserver will not accept this mails anymore, as they don't come from the right server.

This happens for example with popular german freemailer: A user sends a mail to a notes forwarding adresse which sends it back to a user. If the latter has enabled this spam policy, the mail is rejected.

SRS: { Link }
SPF: { Link }

1) Bruce Elgort12550 (08 Nov 2007)

Are you using Safari? If you are the text editor is still not working for Safari yet but will be soon. I can fix your post if you would like or you can edit it in Firefox or IE.
2) Bruce Elgort12550 (08 Nov 2007)

I may have screwed up your repost. Sorry about that.
3) Jan Schulz4949 (08 Nov 2007)
No, I'm using opera, but there is no RT Editor visible, just a plain text area :-(

It seems that I produced a save conflict, at least my repaired and edited entry is not visible, only the old broken version.

It would be great if you could fix that...

BTW: there are other problems with the design of the webside, for example the comment textarea is not directly under the last comment and the Introduction and the Top30 are below the comments, not to one side. This page is something like 5 Pages long. Is there a bug page?
4) Bruce Elgort12550 (08 Nov 2007)

Currently we are targeting IE, Firefox and Safari. In my experience with my blog and OpenNTF we see very little Opera traffic if any. Would you be so kind enough to send me a few screenshots of what you are seeing? That would fantastic.
5) Jan Schulz4949 (08 Nov 2007)
Ok, edited my posting, so it should be fine.
6) Jan Schulz4949 (08 Nov 2007)
droped you an email to your gmail account with the screeshots.
7) Bruce Elgort12550 (08 Nov 2007)
Email received. Thank you Jan.
8) Mika Heinonen3778 (12 Nov 2007)
Spam filters which don't really analyze or understand the message like a human does, should not be used at all.
9) Richard Schwartz4594 (15 Nov 2007)
SPF is not a spam filter. It is an anti-spoofing technology. I think IBM is more likely to implement DomainKeys, however.
10) Kerr Rainey4990 (23 Nov 2007)
@8, depending on what you consider to be a "Spam Filter" I think a certain Mr. Linfoot { Link } would disagree with you. And I'll take his opinion on the matter any day.
11) Chris Linfoot598 (27 Nov 2007)
@8 - SPF isn't a spam filter, like Rich says.

However, some form of anti-spoofing support in the Notes client would be nice. DKIM seems to have more mindshare and is in any case technically superior.

If someone wants to post an idea along the lines of "Implement DKIM", then I'll vote for that.
12) Bastian Wieczorek8390 (16 Dec 2007)
I just found this in the IBM Website:
Do any versions of Lotus Domino Support the Sender Policy Framework (SPF)?


The Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is essentially an extension to the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and allows for a degree of SPAM protection.

Currently there are no plans in place for any versions (including Version 8) to support SPF.

IBM are actively working on other anti-spam initiatives.

Other Information :
Category : Planning and Design
Organization : Techline Europe

from here: { Link }
13) Jan Schulz4949 (14 Feb 2008)
The problem is more, that others have implmented SPF and when you have mailinglists or users with forwarded mails, mail send from external domains forwarded to external domains ( -> -> will be considered Spam ( will NOT receive the mail! -> Try it with tow GMX mails...). I don't want SPF implemented, I want to have the ability to rewrite the sender ("Sender Rewriting Scheme", the answer to this problem) so that a site with SPF will not consider it spam.

Maybe I should a new Idea with only this topic...


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