Allow Mail to be delivered locally in a Clustered environment 
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: Domino Server / Messaging router
: Router, Cluster, Network, Performance, Fail Over
: Mat Newman205 05 Feb 2009
: / Email
Domino Mail Routing delivers a message to a users home server.  In the case of a clustered environment, this means that when Server A accepts mail for John Citizen, it Routes it to Server B (John's Home Server), but since Server A and Server B are cluster members, the message is then REPLICATED BACK to Server A.
It would be more efficient if Server A was able to understand that it is in a Cluster with Server B, that it has a Replica of John's mail file, and therefore when it receives a message for John it is delivered LOCALLY, and then Cluster-replicated to Server B, John's Home Server.
And if Server B is down - the message isn't waiting in Server A's for Server B to come back up, and since John's Notes client has already "Failed Over" to Server A, he receives the message immediately.
1 Network transaction instead of 2.
Better Cluster and Fail-over functionality.


Include a new field on the "Advanced" tab of the person document called "Replica Mail Servers", and "Mail Replica ID".

When the Catalogue task runs overnight, it does a quick check to see if the replica ID of a database is recorded in a person doc in the directory, if it is, then it updates the "Replica Mail Servers" field in the person document with the Local server's name.

If a server is a member of a cluster, it's Router task does an additional check when delivering Mail to "John Citizen" to see if it is listed in John's "Replica Mail Servers" and instead of routing the Message to Server B, it deriver's the message to the Local replica. Cluster replication then takes over to transfer the message to Server B.

1) Lawrence Micallef948 (05 Feb 2009)
In the instance of Server B being down, Domino **ALREADY ** delivers the mail locally to the mail file on Server A, through a lookup against the Cluster Database Directory.

This means the technology already exists, merely needs implementing in Router's core as something like :

I'm in a cluster - so I know about databases I share
I have mail for John Citizen - he's on a clustermate
I have a replica of his mailfile so I will pop it in there instead

ONLY DRAWBACK is mail flow is dependant on cluster replicator task then to "deliver" the mail to the mailfile the user's Notes Client is monitoring - so this could result in false latency for users. (I sent you the mail, why is it taking xxx seconds to be delivered instead of being instantaneous)
2) Eric Wilson1688 (12 Feb 2009)
Why limit this to clusters? Put a list of servers the Mail DB is on in the person doc and have the router drop it in the first replica it hits. Replication will then move it to the other replica(s).

This is important for situations where bandwidth is an issue so two servers which are mirrors of each other are not clustered. I have this problem at some of my customers, which tend to be SMBs and often have limited bandwidth between offices.


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