Allow storage of Domino person document on an external directory and authenticate against it 
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: Domino Server / Directory
: directory indepence, external directory
: Tinus Riyanto2825 06 Jan 2010
: / Email
Basically all (or some) of the information previously stored on Domino Directory via Person document form would be instead stored on an external directory (preferably LDAP). I am aware that there are informations that is exclusive to Domino like mail server and mail file. For these information if possible additional field should be created on the external directories to store them but this is technically not possible they can still be stored on Domino Directory.
Another critical function would be the ability for Domino to authenticate it's user against that external directory thus eliminating the need to synchronize your password over multiple directories. I don't really like password synchronization since they took time to "replicate". I am not saying that Notes should discard the usage of user ID. With ID Vault I think it is still possible for ID to be downloaded to local terminal whenever a user login and deleted if they log out or close the client.
I am well aware that what I suggested sounded very much like Directory Independence but said feature is yet to be published and thus is feasible to change in implementation or even being canceled all together.

1) Craig Wiseman24988 (06 Jan 2010)
I'm iffy about this one. IBM's trying to shoehorn TDI in here to do this function, but it's not like that's a 'lightweight" option.
2) Peter Presnell28487 (06 Jan 2010)
Many companies already do store lots of the personal data in fields outside of the Domino Directory. I think it is a great shame a greater effort isn't made to allow companies to sync this data without requiring each and every company to develop there own sync programs. Notes applications (especially workflow) can be made a lot simpler if I can use the built in functions to extract data from the Domino Directory rather than a 3rd part source.
3) Bruce Lill10666 (07 Jan 2010)
I have spent a lot of time building LEI or agents to pull personal data from other systems like HR. It works but when it screws up, it screws everything up big time.
4) Ulrich Krause5701 (07 Jan 2010)
I have promoted the idea, but according to an IBM announcement yesterday, this function will not be available in Domino ( although it is available in hosted solutions )
{ Link }
5) Tinus Riyanto2825 (08 Jan 2010)
Ulrich, yes I am aware of that announcement you can see my comment there. I wonder if there is a way for us to force IBM to change their mind about this. Maybe I should change the title to "Give us a full featured Directory Independence ... now please" perhaps that would attract more attention ?


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