Server NSDs: Send to IBM automatically when created 
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: Mike McPoyle397 17 Dec 2009
: / Email
As I was zipping up some NSDs and sending them to IBM from a recent server crash, I wondered how efficient this really was?  How many times does a server crash, and it's so rare that the crash is never reported?
Creating a PMR isn't difficult, but I'd much rather click an option in the server config to have the system zip and auto-send the NSD to IBM.  There is no expectation for IBM to follow-up, but by turning on the auto-send, you give them the right to analyze the logs to help improve the product.  If an admin decides to open a PMR and they have this option checked, IBM could simply say "Yes, mr user, I see your NSD on file". 
If IBM REALLY wanted to be nice, they could GREP the massive log list and tell admins pro-actrively about known issues they're experiencing, based on their NSDs.
All modern web browsers have this sort of support, and I would think it would be more than a minor selling point.

1) Peter Presnell28487 (17 Dec 2009)
I would not necessarily want evey NSD automatically sent to IBM but I think it would be really cool if the database that collects NSD (server and client) had an action that allowed the NSD to automatically be sent to IBM for diagnosis and integration into their PMR system. Sometimes when calling IBM it takes an enternity to get past level 1 support just so you can get to the point where someone will accept that a server crash does mean there is something wrong that IBM might need to take a look at.
2) Bruce Elgort12540 (17 Dec 2009)
For servers I would support this along with the ability to turn the option on/off.
3) Gregg Eldred8655 (17 Dec 2009)
If Microsoft is really acting upon (or even reading) all of the user sent crash reports from the millions of users of the Windows operating system, IBM Lotus should be able to implement a similar system. I agree with Bruce, this option should have the ability to be enabled/disabled for the servers.
4) Rob Goudvis8695 (18 Dec 2009)
But you could also think of a program that locally examines a NSD and when necessary send it to IBM.
5) Mike McPoyle397 (18 Dec 2009)
@4 Locally examining NSD is a great idea, but requires much more of a development effort on IBM's part. To simply zip up the NSD and attach it to an email destined for IBM support shouldn't require much coding.

If one were so inclined, in a couple hours you could even write a simple agent to run daily and look for a fresh NSD, and email it to IBM, but unfortunately there would be nobody on the receiving end willing to look at it, and this needs to be a platform-wide initiative to have a better chance of improving the platform code.
6) Craig Wiseman24988 (18 Dec 2009)
I think this would be fascinating. There have been a number of times that I've had the "you're the first one to report that issue." where I think to myself... "Obviously, doesn't count here".

This would assist in that and help make IBM aware of issues before they get calls on it.
7) Nathan Chandler1754 (24 Dec 2009)
Absolutely it would also give IBM metrics on the most unstable parts of their products.
8) Alan Dalziel1450 (29 Dec 2009)
There's probably a better way to deal with this than bombarding IBM with NSDs from our environments. I think the reason they make it "inconvenient" to upload diagnostic data is so that they don't get overloaded with irrelevant information or have too much data to process.
I think adding an option to the Fault Reporting database to interact with IBM support would go a long way to making things easier for all, in conjunction with LND (see below).
@4, 5 - there is a tool to locally diagnose NSD - Lotus Notes Diagnostic. In many cases it will save a call to IBM, and will also help you identify the similarities between crashes on multiple servers.


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