Add a per user mail policy. 
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: Domino Server / Messaging router
: Luca Perico523 27 Feb 2010
: / Email
I suggest to save the sent mail only in the Mail database and put a sorta of mail send request in another DB ( I.E. ) .
This DB will be processed from a task (i.e. mailreq, not the router) who copy it in the is some condition are respected.
The mailreq can check somet thing before pick the mail from the DB and put it  in the, this will allow some other very requested feature:
1) set a max mail size policy per DB
2) allow user to select alternative sender address, the mailreq will check if the address are valid.
3) add an outbox folder so user can see if the server have accepted his mail.
4) allow an user/db to send only to certain address.
5) do not send the full message if the message are rejected but only a reply with an error message.
6) retarded delivey , the request have to be processed only after a certain date/time
7) policy routing if a message have certain caracteristic will be postponed o blocked or routed through another server
i.e. if  #recpient * Size > 50MB the message will pass in low prioroty if > 500MB will be rejected.
8) archive sent mail, run agent before a mail was sent ......
<other ideas here>
P.S. 1 : i have suggested a specific task mailreq so the routing process will not be affected from possible trouble like attempt to open damaged database or other thing
P.S. 2: a similiar thing can be done with the SMTP task who can receive the mail put them in a and put a mailreq in the so mailreq can do other thing
9)  Virus check , antispam

1) Peter Presnell28487 (02 Mar 2010)
IMHO this would just make mail more complicated for the user and quite possibily add to the complexity of administering mail.
2) Luca Perico523 (02 Mar 2010)
Yes Peter this will make it little more complex administering Domino.
But i am tired of hear the phrase "where is the outbox" "Outlook/exchange do that".
The other feature cover a part of collection of the request from our client/user in the last ten year (at least the more logical, i don't have putted nonsense like "I have to read and approve _every_ mail before are sent out of my mailserver")
3) Urs Meli3587 (05 Mar 2010)
wow. your helpdesk would love you.
4) Luca Perico523 (07 Mar 2010)
@3 yep!! Part of mine helpdesk are myself!
But joke apart i think this architecture can permit a lot of enhancement on the mail system.
5) Bill Malchisky12192 (08 Jul 2010)
Some of the options you list above can be done within Notes, one-way or another. Can be customized in the template.

But I would suggest that your items really stem from a lack of end-user training. Forcing policy through back-end restrictions generally backfires and causes the users to hate the product, and scream for a change. Management then states that it's time to look at other solutions (to Notes) rather than easing the restrictions to make users happy.

If you really want to do per user policies, you can utilize the explicit policy capability. Although difficult to manage overall, nothing is stopping you from doing it.


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