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: Foua Vang2960 16 Aug 2010
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After reading these posts and the blog post from one of the top innovators...I just wonder...but no matter what, for me I have gained knowledge in both admin and dev from the ideas and comments that are found and shared I do find value in participating...

However, the reason I started to post ideas, comments, and participate in this Idea Jam was because I thought that this was/is the place to provide this kind of feedback...after all, this was the place that I was told to come and post my suggestions and ideas at Lotusphere...

Maybe it would be nice if at Lotusphere, there could be a session (BOF?) that IBM could respond to the top 10+ ideas that the community voted for that have not been implemented...these top 10+ ideas may be repost to get a vote to see if this is one of the ideas that the community wants to include in this list for a response from IBM, etc...

1) David Hablewitz15116 (17 Aug 2010)
They already have that session. It's called "Ask the Developers" and it is the very last session before the closing session and it is by far the best session of the entire conference. If you are one of those who book their flight out early on Thursday, you are missing a huge value.

On top of that, you can visit the developers and product managers in the "Meet the Developer" labs. There you can talk one-on-one with the person responsible for writing the code and you can explain the details of your idea and why. Just make sure to get their email address and follow up with an email because they will forget what you told them by the next day. No fault of theirs but that they get overwhelmed and most don't take notes.

Overall, my process is this:
1. Post it here and contact technical support to submit an SPR.
2. Visit the developers in the lab. If you don't get the answer you want,
3. Attend the Ask the Developers session and ask again there with 500 of us there to cheer you on.

That is how I work it and I get results. This year I was brought on stage and made an honorary member of their team. BTW John, I'm still waiting for the detailed specs to finish that project I was given.
2) Vlad Sh10679 (20 Aug 2010)
David, if it is necessary constantly to refer to someone, then why would this site?!

If it is created, it is logical that his reading and take some decisions, and therefore it would be nice if the discussion was here, not even in ten places... It is also necessary to change the status to "In Progress", if IBM took the idea to the development and the "Realized" if implemented.
3) Foua Vang2960 (20 Aug 2010)
I have attended the "Ask the Developers" session and it is a great session. I have also visited and would always plan to visit the labs. They are always willing to listen and help. I actually did bring my ideas to the labs and it was suggested that I post my ideas to ideajam to see what others think about my ideas and suggestions, etc.

I do like your process but why do we have to do it in two places...why can't the SPR(s) be in a format like ideajam and the community can just vote on it...couldn't we just have a login that would identify us as paying customers or not without having to call support to submit an SPR and then post it here too? I would like an easy interface that would allow me to vote, see and monitors the SPR and if it is implemented then also show which version it is implemented in, etc.

In the "Ask the Developers" session, you can only ask one question and then have to go back into the queue/line to ask another question, if all is willing, everyone (all 500+) could go up and present one of the top ideas from ideajam...that would be 500+ top ideas that would at least be presented and responded to unless the person already have their own set of questions to ask...okay...maybe not all of the 500+ ideas would be addressed but most of the ideas would be...

My idea was just that after reading the posts (links provided above), I just thought it would be a good idea for IBM to show that this community is valued by letting us know once a year at Lotusphere that these ideas are either already ideas that they have already thought of and already implementing or would be implementing, already have a better idea/method/way, etc...especially for those of you that have shared your brilliant/great/wonderful ideas and have contributed so much to this ideajam community...I thought the BOF would just be a nice way of responding to just a few ideas by saying this idea is a yes, maybe, never, WIP, already in the products... some people may not realize or be aware of what is in the latest releases which would give them more reasons to move to the latest and greatest releases if they are aware that what they are asking for is already there or will be coming soon, etc. I'm not saying read us a list of what is new in the latest version...I'm saying take the ideas that the community have identified as the features that they need or want and say that it is either already there or will be there or not feasible and why...
4) David Hablewitz15116 (20 Aug 2010)
Why do we have to do it in THREE places?! (Ideajam, SPR, Lotusphere)

A separate session would be difficult to do just because they would probably need representation from all the different teams (thus the stage full of people at A the D)
But if they had one, I suggest Bruce Elgort should be the moderator of that session.
Bruce, make a note to submit a session dedicated to Ideajam next year.

Perhaps better visibility of submitted SPRs would be appropriate? Right now you only see the ones that have been addressed in a release. I will make that as a separate idea to get feedback.

To your point about getting to ask only one question at a time, that didn't prevent me from having the opportunity to ask 5 questions. They finally just brought me on stage and gave me my own mic. Perhaps I should collect the top ideas and see that they get addressed?

5) Vlad Sh10679 (20 Aug 2010)
Totally agree! The problem is lack of feedback.
I know several large communities of Lotus-developers and users of the post-Soviet countries that did not come here, they say (verbatim): "All the major, including on critical issues, it was proposed in 2007-2008, but almost none of This was not implemented. This site is long dead and useless."

There are other problems. For example the fact that IBM does not expend any funds for the translation of literature (even in electronic form) for developers in our language, they say (I heard it just yesterday): "technologies are developing so fast that it makes no sense to translate them" . We book markets are full of literature on the latest development technologies from Microsoft, it means that their products do not develop? This is ridiculous. And sad...
6) David Hablewitz15116 (20 Aug 2010)
BTW, I changed my vote.
7) Foua Vang2960 (27 Aug 2010)
@David - Thank you for changing your vote. I agree that Bruce Elgort should be the moderator of the session if there is one. I do hope Bruce will submit a session dedicated to Ideajam as you suggested. I promoted your idea regarding the SPRs. Thank you for posting it.

As for your idea about collecting the top ideas and see that they get addressed...I think that's a great idea! Go for it!

@Vlad Sh - thanks for sharing your thoughts. I do hope that all these issues will be resolved/addressed...


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